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Who we are

One of our most valuable advantages is the well-coordinated work of the qualified experts who make ILLAs professional team:

Dr. Vladimir Zakoshansky

CEO of ILLA International, LLC., USA

Expert in the kinetics of acid-catalytic reactions, effect of organic and mixed solvents on reaction rate, aromatic hydrocarbon oxidation reactions, and reactions of isoparaffin alkylation by olefins. After graduation from the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Institute of Technology (Technical University) in 1969, he worked for the Lenneftekhim R&D Institute, where he received his PhD degree in 1974. From then on, he has been engaged in creating world famous technologies for phenol and acetone production. His dedication and extraordinary drive, as well as his nature of a fighter and a leader made it possible to implement his revolutionary ideas at Russian plants.

In 1992 he founded ILLA International, a research and development company which in several years would become a leader in phenol technologies. In 1994 he was employed by General Electric Company as an independent contractor. During seven years Dr. Zakoshansky succeeded in implementing six breakthrough technologies which drastically changed the image of this large phenol producer. After leaving GE, Vladimir Zakoshansky, supported by a highly professional team of researchers in ILLA International, devoted all his time to creating, developing and marketing his processes all over the world.

Dr. Zakoshansky is an inventor of 139 patents, including 115 on phenol production, and an author of 85 published articles, 67 of which deal with the improvements of phenol process and the kinetics and mechanisms of the main and side reactions involved in a cumene to phenol/acetone process. More than 30 patents related to cumene oxidation, cumene hydroperoxide cleavage, catalytic phenol treatment and other phenol process stages have been implemented in the phenol production field on the basis of his inventions and under his direct control at 12 commercial units, including: GE (USA), INEOS (Germany, Belgium, and USA), Fenoquimia (Mexico), Borealis (Finland), and a number of Russian plants (Ufa, Omsk, Grozny, Samara, Saratov, etc.). In 2005, Vladimir Zakoshansky was acknowledged by the American Biographical Institute as one of 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st century for creating a breakthrough phenol process.

A brilliant scientist, Vladimir Zakoshansky does not confine himself to research only. Keen on sports, music and arts, he is also a poet extremely perceptive to beauty in all its aspects; three books of his poetry were published in 2001, 2004 and 2006.

He lives in suburban Chicago, IL with his family.

Irina Vasilyeva

Joined ILLA in 1992. Graduated from the Chemistry Department of the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University. She is an expert in the phase equilibria and solutions theory. Irina is an inventor of about 20 patents and an author of more than 30 articles on phase equilibria and phenol production. She received her PhD in Chemistry in 2001 and currently, as the R&D Director of ILLA International Ltd., is engaged in development of new methods for producing phenol on a commercial scale. Area of expertise: analytical and separation methods comprising fractionation, extraction and adsorption. Member of the Board of Directors.

Tatyana Tyvina

After leaving the Lenneftekhim R&D Institute in 1996, Tatyana joined ILLA as a researcher. She got her PhD in Physical Chemistry (specialized in oxo-process phase equilibria under high pressures) from the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University in 1975. She has 4 patents and about 40 published articles on phase equilibria and thermodynamics. Being an expert in fractionation and extraction, Tatyana is a senior research assistant also engaged in calculations and analysis of separation processes.



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