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ILLA-Client Relationship

For revamp, ILLA bases its licensing and start-up activity on the following principles:


The Parties enter into a Secrecy Agreement for technology information exchange;


ILLA generally conducts a Baseline Study (BLS) of the client's unit stages to be revamped, subject to the executed Baseline Study Agreement. The BLS results in that ILLA:

determines process bottlenecks and finds ways to minimize capital costs by using, as much as possible, the existing equipment and by optimizing the process;

ILLA, in its research center or at the client’s site, analyzes samples from the plant and then simulates all the process stages to be revamped taking into account the specific process features of each client, and delivers a detailed report on the potential results that the client can achieve after the revamp, including the estimation of capital investments at US Gulf Coast prices with accuracy of +/- 30%.


The Parties enter into a License Agreement, based on which ILLA:

provides the client with the Basic Engineering Package; and

teaches the personnel and delivers all the accumulated knowledge before and during the start-up, and, thereafter, during the operation until ILLA is certain that the client properly understands the process as a whole and in detail.


For a grass-root phenol plant, ILLA follows the standard procedure:


Get the ITB


Prepare Technical and Commercial Proposal for a Client to participate in the bid.


After being awarded with the project, provide the Client with the license and basic engineering.


At the Basic Engineering stage:


Phase 1 - Kick-off Meeting


Phase 2 - Step-by-Step Issue/Review of Technical Documentation


Phase 3 - Issue/Review of Complete Basic Design Package


Phase 4 - Review of Detailed Design


Phase 5 - Onsite Review of Completion of Mechanical and Installation Work and Control Systems



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