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Hydroxyacetone Removal

Hydroxyacetone Removal from CHP Cleavage Product Technology is a unique technology having no counterpart in any of the phenol processes licensed by other companies. The resolved HA issue allows a solution of the guaranteed highest quality of the product phenol at variable and higher feed-rates.

Hydroxyacetone Removal is based on the extraction of hydroxyacetone (HA) and carbonyl compounds from CHP cleavage product by circulating water-salt solution from neutralization stage followed by hydroxyacetone and carbonyl (HAC) conversion to deep condensation products in HAC-Reactor using alkaline and oxidizing agents in water-salt alkaline solution.

HAC conversion to deep condensation products prevents undesired formation of 2-methylbenzofuran (2MBF) in the course of the downstream product phenol fractionation from CHP cleavage product.

A HAC extraction from the CHP cleavage provides lower HAC content in the stream coming to Fractionation, which is about 10 times less than in competitive processes. In turn, such a reduction in HAC content decreases utilities consumption at the Fractionation Stage.



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