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ILLA managed to create and maintain a state-of-the-art engineering level by involving best engineers from USA and Russia. For its clients, ILLA performs projects starting from conducting initial research, performing phenol plants studies and finishing by issuing a technical documentation package followed by implementation and start-up of the process. In its design efforts, ILLA uses modern computer technologies and software including standard systems such as ChemCAD, HYSIS, MathCAD, etc., as well as unique programs elaborated by ILLA's experts such as an Oxidation Kinetic Program and Cleavage Kinetic Program.


ILLA's modern approach to engineering and design


ILLA International has always taken great care to analyze operating results from its implemented technologies, and has therefore continuously upgraded its phenol process. Thus, data collected from commercial operation of its processes enables ILLA to offer each new client an advanced version of a process that has already been implemented.



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