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The first commercial phenol and acetone production plants started up, independently and almost at the same time, in 1949, both in Dzerzhinsk, Russia and in Montreal, Canada. The achievements of the pioneers, the Russian, German and British researchers and engineers, certainly deserve the highest respect.

ILLA was established by Dr. Vladimir Zakoshansky, who continued studies by the creators of the first Phenol process R. Yu. Udris & M.S. Nemtsov to utilize the best knowledge accumulated during previous research, while revolutionizing the technological, economical and safety features of the process.

Admiring successful implementation of ILLAs process at a phenol plant in 1992, Dr. Nemtsov said: You have fantastically transformed the ugly, too complicated and cloudy chemistry of old process into the beauty and order of your new process.

On the right: Dr. Mark S. Nemtsov one of the inventors of the first phenol process implemented in Dzerzhinsk in 1949
On the left: Dr. Vladimir M. Zakoshansky creator of ILLAs phenol process




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