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January 2009

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Publication Date: 01/15/2009
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V. Zakoshansky is the author and key inventor of 102 patents (with additional patents pending), including 82 on phenol production, and of 76 published articles, 58 of which are on the subject of kinetics and mechanism of main and side reactions occurring in a cumene-based process of phenol and acetone production. He is also a permanent participant in many of the AlChE, ICIS, CMT, CBI, and other Phenol and Acetone Conferences, where his presentations have always been successful and received excellent evaluations of many parties engaged in the phenol industry.

For over 30 years that he devoted to phenol technologies, Dr. Zakoshansky combined in-depth cutting-edge scientific research with all aspects of commercial implementation and practice of phenol processes and related technologies. As a result, his treatise comprises the best and most up-to-date trove of knowledge, relating to phenol processes.

As the author, Dr. Zakoshansky focused on a thorough analysis of available phenol process technologies. The combination of his unique and extensive practical experience with the results of detailed studies garnered from 21 phenol plants in various countries throughout the world, allowed Dr. Zakoshansky to present a comprehensive scientific analysis of the advantages and weaknesses of currently practiced phenol technologies, to offer his insight into both the present state and the outlook of modern phenol processes, which have become some of the largest production capacity petrochemical processes over the last twenty years.

A substantial part of Dr. Zakoshanskys treatise is devoted to the results of unique research initiatives conducted by the author, that relate to the kinetics and mechanisms of the key chemical reactions occurring at each stage of a typical phenol process. This portion of the book also demonstrates a number of advantageous solutions that, on the basis of the scientific approach applied to all of the constituent stages of a typical phenol process, have enabled and facilitated a transition from the traditional technologies of the twentieth century to the new processes of the twenty-first century. For all practical purposes, these solutions described in Dr. Zakoshanskys treatise, are essentially breakthroughs both from the standpoints of process selectivity and of process safety.

In addition, in this treatise, Dr. Zakoshansky presents his reviews of, and opinions on, the most important alternative technologies for phenol production as viewed through the lens of the well-known problem of imbalance of acetone produced worldwide, and also presents his perspective on the possibility that any of such alternative technologies will ever be capable of replacing cumene-based processes.

In conclusion, this book is undeniably not only of a purely scientific, but also of an immense practical interest for all phenol manufacturers, including those that operate one or more of ILLAs Processes.

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