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May 2009

ILLA International successfully finished a cycle of industrial pilot tests of a new revolutionary technology – the so called Wasteless Phenol/Acetone Production Process (WEPP).
The process is substantially different from all known phenol technologies, and leads to a dramatic increase in the magnitudes of efficiency and selectivity of phenol processes operated at commercial plants. Based on the pilot unit test results, the WEPP process selectivity for cumene feed is expected to be about 99.5 mol %, corresponding to a cumene usage of about 1283–1285 kg per ton of phenol.

Other important advantages of WEPP, as compared to even the best of conventional technologies, include, but are not limited to, a higher process safety level, significant engineering and operational simplification of the CHP cleavage stage, as well as considerable simplification of product fractionation stage (due to significant reduction in the number of distillation columns, lowering capital expenditures and decreasing operational costs), and an exceptionally high quality of the desired process products




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